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2016 RAGAZZA & RAGAZZO.182artspace, / Tainan.Taiwan

恐懼是一個好的人生開始,如果你們夠強壯的話。 在銀河裡每個個體要相遇,如同無可預測的巨大隨機。 有規則或軌跡嗎 ? 我認為是沒有的。 創作的靈感來自於生活周遭所發生的事物,家人,生活經歷,喜樂或思想。 作品裡大部分的角色是挪用收集物的形象,在加以建構一個世界或空間,描繪我想記錄的事物,用類似看圖說故事的概念置留下來。 畫面裡常見的日與月如同時間不間斷的循環,花朵如同生命最燦爛的繁衍狀態與既將到來的枯萎死亡,兩個象徵並列著。 場景顏色總是歡樂鮮豔的,但對我而言卻是一種平衡恐懼的方法與出口。 在生命裡,雖然你們也陪伴著我。但是分離也是必然的。 一直想在創作脈絡中,為他們特別留下一個紀念。 養樂多 & 鹽巴罐的展名,是在一次與小孩聊天中記錄下來的。他們取了自己姓名其中的諧音來代表自己,對旁人或許沒有太特別的意義 . . . 但當他們選擇時就對我有意義 . . . 最後,看到一段文字我想送他們 - 理想存在你身上, 阻撓實踐理想的障礙同樣也存在你身上。 你已經擁有創造理想自我的所有材料。 ── 湯瑪斯·卡萊爾 ( Thomas Carlyle / 1795 - 1881 )

註 : RAGAZZO 是義大利文的男生 / RAGAZZA 是義大利文的女生。

Fear is the beginning of a good life, if you are strong enough. Each individuality would meet in the galaxy as unpredictable random. Does there have rules, or track on it? I don't think so. My inspiration almost comes from living things, family, life experiences, joy and thought. Most of the roles in my works are from my collection's image to construct a world or space, depicting the things which I want to record to use the way as photo story's concept. There are often sun and month in my picture as an uninterrupted cycle time, Flower is as a symbol as life that it is most brilliant reproduction status and upcoming wither death.The scene color is always happy bright, but to me, it is a way and export to balance fear. In life, you also accompany me. But the separation is inevitable. I always want to leave a memorial for them especially in the my context of the creation. The name of exhibition ,Yakult & salt cans, is from one time chatting with my children. They take homonyms from their name to represent themselves. Perhaps it's meaning nothing to other people...but it's meaningful name for me when they chose... Lastly I want to give a text to them from my reading. - The ideal is within you and the obstacle to reaching this ideal is also within you. You already possess all the material from which to create your ideal self. - Thomas Carlyle / 1795 - 1881

Note : RAGAZZO is meaning boy in Italian / RAGAZZA is meaning girl in Italian.