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2014 Little Star Project / Banqiao. Taiwan

去年夏天我跟哥哥帶著小孩去郊外打羽毛球,球卡在樹上,當我們束手無策時。 小孩指這樹稍說:「 太高拿不到,那很簡單啊!請長頸鹿來拿不就好了,要是沒空就叫小鳥來幫助也行啊...(看著樹得意的說著)…。」 在小孩世界裡,看到的世界總是如此的簡單與富有想像。 對我而言,小孩就像是天上的星星一樣,很微小,卻很耀眼。 星星的微光,在黑暗的夜裡總給予人們希望… 透過童言童語提醒我們曾經也是如此的純真… 2014 - 小星星計劃 - 板橋 . 台灣 . 這個計劃起緣於2012的某一天,我在創作時候,離開片刻。小孩隨手抓起手邊的筆,在我的畫面上塗鴉了起來。當下,我看到了一個無可預期的塗鴉形象表現,除了驚喜外更珍貴的是也記錄下小孩這個時間點的狀態。 我的創作靈感很大一部份是來自於家人與小孩。這系列作品就像座標般,記錄了我也記錄了小孩。 這次在435藝術園區的展出,讓我聯想到這裡會有許多父母會帶著小孩來玩樂,所以我想如果有更多的小孩也能參與,那會是有趣的。 或許某一天你會在一件畫作裡發現你小時候曾經留下的足跡,那是珍貴的... -- 小星星計畫 歡迎 7 歲以下小孩參與 . -- 註 : 歡迎家長為參與的小孩拍照留念,如您希望收到未來作品完成的照片。 請將小孩參與的照片寄到我會把完成後的作品照片回寄給您作紀念。( 作品完成,會有部分塗鴉蓋覆,請多見諒。 ) 藝術家 - 呂英菖 敬上

Last summer, my brother and I went outside to play badminton, unfortunately badminton was stuck in a tree and we couldn't do nothing. Children pointed at the tip of tree said: "it's too high to get it, but it's easy, giraffe can help us and bird can help us too...." (looking at tree proud of saying...) In the children's world, the world is always simple and full of imagination. For me, children like the stars in the sky, very small but bright. Shimmering Stars, always give people hope in the darkness of the night ..... Once we were so naive via babbling 2014 - Little star project - Banqiao. Taiwan. This program from one day in 2012, I was painting, then I temporarily left. At that time children readily grabbed a pen at hand and started doodling on my canvas. At moment I saw a unpredictable performance of doodling image To record this moment of children is not only amazing but also precious My inspiration almost comes from my family and children. This series of works like coordinates, recorded children and I. The exhibition at 435 art zone makes me think of there are a lot of parents taking their children having some fun here, so I'm wondering if there are more and more kids joining in, that would be so much fun. Maybe someday you will find the work which have tracks were made by you when you was a child, that is precious ... Little star project, Children under 7 are welcome! PS. we welcome parents to take pictures for child to, if you want to received the picture of the completed work in future, please sent the picture which has children participate in the work to, I will sent the picture of the completed work to you for commemoration. (Some parts of graffiti will be covered up, Sorry for the inconvenient cause, your cooperation is highly appreciated.) Sincerely , Artist - Lu Ying-Chang