Mr. makeAwish


2018 Garend No.79.Shanghai.Philippe Staib Gallery / Shanghai, China

關於 “ 79 號花園 ” 有一個想像 花園不只是為我而生,而是它始終存在於每個人的心裡... 那是一個從小就存在心裡的畫面 當我恐懼的時候,無論在哪裡 , 花園她會出現。 在花園裡她給我非常多的力量 在花園裡我感受到了很多的美好與溫暖 在花園裡我凍結了最珍貴的時光。 我化身為豹,在花園裡尋找著... 我在哪裡?花園就在那裡。 你在方舟裡,我就與你在方舟的花園裡。 - 呂英菖

Regarding "Garden No. 79" I have an imagination. It was a picture that existed from a very young age. When I was scared,no matter where , she would appear in the garden In the garden she gave me so much power I feel a lot of goodness and warmth in the garden In the garden, I was frozen. The most precious time. I turned into a leopard, looking for it in the garden... This garden is not just for me but it is always in everyone's heart... Where am I ? The garden is there 。 You are in the ark , I will be with you in the garden of Ark 。 - LU YING-CHANG